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                                                                  Nursery Fees

There are two unique aspects to our fees system:

1. The fees charged go down as your child gets older.
2. The fees charged per session go down the more sessions you take up.

Additionally, there are government funded Early Years Education sessions available for some age groups.

              Age of Child             AM Only               PM Only               All Day         Weekly Discounted  
                                          (8.00 - 12.30)       (1.30 - 6.00)         (8.00 - 6.00)            (5 Days)

              Under 2 Years          £23.00                £20.50               £39.00                   £180.50
              2 Year Olds              £21.50                £19.00                £37.00                   £171.00
              3 & 4 Year Olds        £20.50                £18.00               £34.00                   £156.75

The monthly fee will be calculated individually based on clients actual childcare needs and are averaged so
you pay the same amount each month.

Fees are paid monthly in advance and there is a half fees credit for up to two weeks holiday.

As your child gets older, the cost of providing their childcare goes down. This reflects in our fees with a
reduction in the cost when your child reaches 2 years of age, and again when they become 3 years old.

5% discount for over four sessions per week (i.e. 5 ams, 5 pms, 2 ½ days or any similar combination).

A nutritious home cooked two course lunch is provided in the full day and morning fees above. Daily morning
snack and afternoon tea are also included at no extra cost.

Fees are reviewed each year in August and revised from October 1st. If there is a change in fees then this
new rate is guaranteed until next October 1st.

On enrollment of a child there is an initial £20 non refundable administration charge.

To confirm a place for a child under the age of 2 years it is necessary to provide one months fees in

When availability permits, extra hourly care can be arranged at a cost of £5.00 per hour.

In the interests of children settling, and benefiting from their attendance at Nursery, there is a minimum
required attendance of two sessions per week.